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Our Facilities
Charak Child Care clinics aims to provide comprehensive set of facilities so that the patient can have complete child care under one roof:-

* Diagnosis and treatment for acute and chronic medical conditions
* Preventive health and physical exams
* Care of children from infancy through adolescence
* Managing chronic conditions like asthma
* Nutrition counselling and weight management
* Observation area for acute management of common illnesses
* Fully computerised clinic
* All patient files generated instantly; Patient records available at the click of a button
* All registered patients get automatic computer generated vaccine reminders
* Air conditioned examining area
* An uninterrupted power supply for maintenance of cold chain (storage) of vaccines
* Latest IAP approved vaccination schedule, customisable for your child;
* All the latest vaccines, including the combination vaccines, latest DTaP (new DPT), & new MMR (Priorix) vaccine that have less side-effects
* Personalized growth charts for all kids generated using the latest CDC guidelines

When input is required from other specialties, Dr. Gaurav & Dr. Poonam Gupta will assist you in coordinating arrangements to ensure the best possible health care within our family health network.